What insurance is necessary when renting a car?

Car rental insurance works differently from normal car insurance. Find out what you need to know about renting a car.

Almost everywhere in the world, to travel, every rented car needs a basic package, with three types of protection: damage coverage, theft coverage, and third party coverage. When you decide to rent a car, you may not know exactly what to pay attention to, especially if it is the first time you use a car rental service. These pieces of information are based on the reviews offered by the people from Norske Anmeldelser. Once you choose the company and car you want to rent, another thing you should consider is choosing insurance.

The main types of insurance are the following:

·       Partial insurance in the event of a collision;

·       Theft insurance;

·       Insurance of civil responsibility;

·       Add insurance when you rent a car online.

Many car rental websites, including europacar, sell their type of insurance. They are different, but all cover parts of the car in addition to the body (windows, wheels, engine, etc.) and/or reduce the deductible. When you buy this type of insurance, you will first pay the repairs to the car rental company and then you will claim the money from the insurance company from which you bought the policy.

Partial insurance in the event of a collision

damage protection

Minimum damage protection for a car (generally called Partial Collision Insurance (CDW)) protects you if the body is damaged. Like most types of protection, Partial collision insurance almost always involves a deductible, i.e. the part that you have to pay if there is damage to the body. The deductible varies depending on where you rent, the car rental company, and the type of car, but is usually between EUR 600 and EUR 3,500.

Theft insurance

Theft insurance protects you if the car is stolen or if someone tries to steal it. Theft insurance almost always has a deductible, the part of the bill that you will have to pay if the car is stolen or damaged in the event of attempted theft.

The deductible varies depending on where you rent, the car rental company, and the type of car, but is usually between EUR 600 and EUR 3,500. Sometimes you may see Collision and Theft Insurance This is a combination of Partial Collision Insurance and Theft Insurance.

Insurance of civil responsibility

Liability insurance pays if you injure someone or cause damage to the car you rented. It does not cover the car itself. There is normally a limit to the amount that Liability Insurance covers. In the case of this type of policy, there is no deductible.

When we rent a car for work, vacation, or vacation, we all want the rental to be safe. Unfortunately, breakdowns are also a part of life, and even a well-maintained rental car can break down unexpectedly. A mistake that many people make when booking a car is not to ask for additional information from the rental company

It is important to ask about: roadside assistance in case of a car failure, delay in handing over the vehicle, what happens if the car is delivered without full service, or without the level at which you rented it, unlimited kilometers, penalties for age, additional driver, extra taxes, rent abroad.