5 of the Best Car Insurance Companies in the US

Getting insurance for your vehicle depends on many factors. There is the issue of location, your vehicle type, and age, type of coverage you want, the coverage provided by the company, and price.

Customer satisfaction, company financial strength, and discounts are also some things to consider when you are thinking of getting auto insurance. One crucial thing to do before you sign up is to read and understand the details of the car insurance policy you want to take.

details of the car insurance policy

For insurance companies, there is the hurdle of finding new and exciting ways of attracting new customers. They also use methods to convince or encourage their old customers to either renew or upgrade their insurance packages. Of course with any method or way, there will be incentives such as discounts to get people to quickly sign up. You can find car insurance here online in the US.

Let’s check out the 5 best car insurance companies in the US.

1.    USAA

They have the largest auto insurance for people in the military, veterans, and their families. With their SafePilot program, customers can use the company’s app to monitor how safe they have been driving, will see how much discount they have earned, (up to 30%) for doing so. And at the end of their policy term, they can apply this discount during renewal.

Their policies take into consideration the sudden changes that military life can cause in people’s lives. One can earn discounts for even parking one’s car for a long time on a military base.

2.    Amica

They offer insurance to almost all of the US and rate high on customer satisfaction and speedy claims process. One can earn discounts for things like driving safely, renewing a policy, and referring other drivers. Such points can be added to one’s current insurance policy.

3.    Geico

Available in all 50 states of the nation with special discounts for military personnel, veterans, reservists, and federal workers. Their mobile app compared to the rest is the best. It allows policyholders to access their mobile IDs, get roadside help in times of car trouble, check their vehicle history, and estimate damages. Their five auto insurance categories each have two or more discount offerings.

4.    State Farm

Has the largest share of the market for private passenger car drivers. Its mobile app gives users access to manage their insurance policies, see bills and interact directly with company agents.

There are also agents in all the company’s branches for customers who prefer a physical meeting. They maintain lower rates for vehicles involved in accidents apart from discounts for good driving or staying accident-free.

5.    Allstate

They do more than just auto insurance. They cover things like additions to a car, reimbursement for expenses incurred while using a rental car, and more.

Their app has two key features: policy management and the Drivewise program, which enable customers to access ID cards, receive roadside assistance, upload pictures, and more. The Drivewise program helps to win points for good driving and convert them into added points on policies.

Therefore, if you are looking to get car insurance in the US today, we are certain that the names mentioned above will give you the satisfaction and safety you are hoping to get from such insurance.

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